Christian M. Ziebarth

Front End Web Developer

HTML5/CSS3/jQuery Guru

LinkedIn Profile:

Currently considering potential full and part-time telecommuting web development assignments.

Technical Skills

Primary strengths: Can hand-code (without WYSIWYG editors) lean, clean, standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible, semantically rich, accessible and coupled with highly effective and advanced usage, including CSS3, responsive web design and LESS CSS. Also work with slicing PSDs, (I use now though for unobtrusive scripting), , and , /, , etc. Experience in the past with , , and .

HTML/CSS/jQuery Skills:

Work History:

In addition to my own freelance projects I have worked contract assignments at the following companies and design agencies over the years:

Acted as technical reviewer on Packt Publishing's Building Impressive Presentations with Impress.js.


This portfolio showcases some of the sites I have worked on over the last several years. While I have had some involvement with the design elements on many of these sites the emphasis here is on professional quality development and coding practices. Click on any thumbnail to view, in Shadowbox form, more about my involvement with each project, each of which utilized a different combination of skills. Within the Shadowbox gallery clicking on the larger image of the site will take you to the site. Corporate


Lead front end developer on the overhaul of's corporate site. My Archive

Duffy Boats


Helped with the menus, resolved a Flash/HTML conflict, managed content updates and more.

Axcent Solutions


Did extensive work on a template that Axcent had bought for their company to get it to work for their purposes. Site is defunct now but I salvaged enough for a screen grab.

Specific Media


Intermittent assignment involving some CSS corrections (solved some cross-browser compatibility issues), some content updates, and some JavaScript/jQuery and PHP work. Created HTML e-mails and microsites.

Mangosteen Replica


Simple site set up for an acquaintance. Valid XHTML; helped with e-commerce setup. Company did not last long but site has been archived here.

The Muller Company


Created XHTML/CSS layout from PhotoShop mockups. Some Flash work as well.

Orange County Mexican Restaurants Blog

2005 - Present

Started out with out-of-the-box template but have customized it extensively since then using front end web development skills. jQuery has been utilized a number of times, including:

  • Lavalamp effect in navigation
  • Table sorter on Table of Contents entry
  • Scrolling effect on Help Panel

Los Angeles County Mexican Restaurants Blog

2008 - Present

Started out with out-of-the-box template but have customized it extensively since then using front end web development skills, including jQuery tablesorter, sIFR effects, etc.

United States Mexican Restaurants


Uses Blueprint CSS layout grid. Has a customized Yahoo! Boss search engine.

Signature Homes


  • Performed extensive site revamp
  • sIFR fonts on level 2 headers

Viking Roofing


Developed entire site for roofing company based on template they purchased. Clean XHTML, effective CSS usage, siFR effects on headers and other elements. Current site has been altered by others but my version is available in archive form.



Helped migrate website to a new CMS (Interwoven TeamSite) and did substantial HTML cleanup in the process.

African Club


Early use (1999) of CSS properties such as positioning, z-index, link hover effects, etc.

Randy Fong, DDS


Simple site for my dentist. Utilizes print and handheld style sheets. (Design recently updated.)

The Hobbit Restaurant


Helped with the CSS menu and some other HTML-related issues.

Zen Garden


This was something I put together to submit to the CSS Zen Garden site. The design's a little clunky but the CSS is masterful, especially considering it's from 2002.

Maguire Properties


Extensive content updates and some CSS work.

Lilly Diabetes

  • sIFR font on front page
  • Created complete pixel-perfect XHTML/CSS layout for entire large scale site from PhotoShop mockups
  • Some jQuery usage
  • Innovative CSS usage

Acclaim Technical

2008 - 2009
  • Innovative CSS usage
  • Effective use of print style sheets
  • Pixel-perfect PSD to XHTML conversion

TCC Notary

  • Hand-coded, Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict (Check Now)
  • CSS-based layout, not table-based
  • TABLE tag used properly (for presenting tabular data, not for page layout; yes, there is a proper use for the TABLE tag)
  • Utilizes advanced CSS (including child and sibling selectors and pseudo-classes) for progressive enhancement, yet degrades gracefully
  • Complete separation of content and structure from style and behavior
  • Utilizes a reset style sheet (based on Eric Meyer's and Yahoo's reset styles), IE conditional comments and Dean Edwards' IE7/8 script to minimize/eliminate cross-browser differences
  • PHP/MySQL usage for form/database interaction
  • Mootools-based interactive navigation
  • Extensive jQuery utilization for form interactivity including the jQuery UI Date Picker
  • Outputs appropriately on print and handheld devices
  • Unobtrusive Flash embedding

Golf Tees Galore

2008 - 2009
  • Developed entire site
  • AJAX-based form submission
  • Print and handheld style sheets
  • Advanced CSS usage
  • Embedded FLV video

Brown Kushner


Performed extensive content updates and some HTML/CSS work.